Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blair, the Pope, and a young Polish plumber

One of the rising stars in the blogging firmament this year has been Stanislav, the young Polish plumber whose insights have enriched the comments section at Guido Fawkes immeasurably.

This is what he has to say on the subject of the Pope and Blair's conversion:

The head of the Roman Catholic church which our Tony has just joined is a bully, a brute, a liar a criminal and a fucking disgusting protector of those who commit the foulest, most aberrant, most delinquent, most unfuckingforgiveable offences against the most vulnerable. Bend over, sonny, I have a present here from you from God. Bless you my child and your tight little arse.

The Holy Smirking Father is an utter cunt who needs a quick rub down with a housebrick and relocating out of his jeweled nonces' palace and down a mineshaft.

Plumber only mention all this because someone above thought Blair's angling for forgiveness and maybe even beatification unnewsworty. In a way Blair has come out. Aligning himself with yet another international criminal he confirms once again his venality; his addiction to showy, kitsch self-publicity, his Me-First indifference to the suffering of others and his complete disregard for the conventions of decency, let alone the laws which govern most of us. Bless me, Father, for I would never sin. I would never do anything wrong. Ask Mr Campbell.

Don't believe any shit about God, this is all about Blair, the warmongering hypocrite. God, you can bet your sweet arse, would smite the foul Blairs with an rod of fucking iron, from here unto fucking Eternity.
Read the rest here, where you will also find the plumber's various other contributions diligently assembled.

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