Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The sins of the fathers

Following up on my previous post on the People's Front of Judea London Pro-Feminist Men's Group, I find that they have posted the minutes of the third meeting (present: Adrian, Daniel, David and Jon), held on 29th November. This was the occasion, remember, at which they were to discuss the tricky issue of fathers.

The main thrust of their findings -- predictably enough -- is that men are emotional pygmies. More interesting is the response to a female commenter who asks whether they had anything positive to say about their fathers:

One person emphasised that their father was always really interested in his life and what he was up to another said his father was always good at giving him hugs and another mentioned how his father was a very peaceful man and was never violent!
Bit of a bummer, that -- they had dads who gave them hugs and were never violent! Much like the rest of us, then. Just think, though, how much more street cred they would have if their fathers had rolled in drunk every night and beaten them to within an inch of their lives (a fate, I am beginning to feel, they would have richly deserved).

Finally, they went on to consider the prospect of becoming parents themselves (shudder), reaching consensus on one point:
We all agreed that the desire not to repeat our own fathers’ mistakes is very powerful.
I imagine that their fathers, reading this drivel, would be of much the same sentiment.

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