Monday, December 17, 2007

What is the best age to have children?

Spotted in the comments over at The Telegraph:


Sorry, but the woman friendly rules that have grown up over the last 40 years mean never being a father is the only way to go.

I know someone who discovered his wife had found a lover, she threw him out - but he got to pay the mortgage and child support for three children for fifteen years. When the youngest child turned eighteen and got a job, the last of the child support ended and she promptly threw all three children out and sold the house - keeping the money and moving in with her lover of fourteen years. My friend has stopped living with his mother and can now look to buy a house - providing he can pay for it in fifteen years.

Recently I overheard a conversation on the bus between two young mothers. The first was new to it all. The second explained that she lived apart from the father but he had to pay maintainance. She had a lover and "they" (benefits Agency) thought they were living together.

The conversation went something like -

"It's not right you know, I only see him Friday to Sunday"
"What about the kid?"
"Oh, his father's parents look after him"
"Are they OK about that?"
"If they don't I'll go to court saying he (the father) is abusing him and they won't get any access."

Those two are only a couple of examples amongst many but this is the basis of why I would not have children.
Or you can learn the hard way. Like I did.

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