Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stephen Baskerville: A hero for our times

Family courts are not simply unfair, or inefficient, or biased. Family courts are crooked.

Stephen Baskerville is probably the most cogent equal parenting advocate anywhere in the world today. Watch this superbly produced little promo for his book Taken Into Custody (subtitle: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family) and you will understand why. Supremely articulate and incisive, he exposes family law for the criminal racket that it is (h/t Christian J):

All of this applies equally to UK Family Law Plc, of course: over 6,000 lawyers alone are engaged in the industry here (I obtained the figures myself directly from the Solicitors' Family Law Association and FLBA when I was doing research for Fathers 4 Justice a few years ago). Factor in the small army of judges, Cafcass workers, mediators, child psychologists, court staff and assorted other ground feeders, and you begin to appreciate the scale of vested interests opposed to reform; a legal presumption of shared residence would put most of them out of work overnight.

If you want to hear Baskerville expand on the themes introduced in the promo video, check out the extended interview with him here:

Compelling stuff (despite the slightly iffy sound quality at the NY end).

You want more? Head on over to YouTube.


Shug Niggurath said...

When I sought full custody of my two children who lived with a cokehead mother I was told by a sheriff (verbatim) "you don't seriously expect me to take two children from their mother do you?", I answered a sincere "Yes I do".

12 years later I have just had a six month run-in with the CSA who created a £6000 arrears bill (by retrospectively backdating the case).

£2000 the worse off and 6 months later I have just been told that my 'arrears' have been 'suspended'. This means that I have no way of regaining the lost income but am no longer in hock to them.

Is there anything you have ever heard that might enable me to sort this?

The biggest irony is that I was unable to buy them any christmas presents last month and now they are unwilling to come for their home visits as I obviously don't care enough about them!

Deadbeat Dad said...

So you thought you could reason with the court, did you? Everyone makes that mistake. When I sought shared residence, the court made very clear that it regarded me as a malicious deviant for having the temerity to suggest that I might be as much a parent as the mother.

It's almost impossible to believe the arrogance and moral depravity of these people until you experience it first-hand, isn't it?

As for your CSA woes: I usually recommend FNF as the first port of call for anything family court related (despite my reservations about its acceptance of government funding). There are also various dedicated CSA support groups, although I can't personally vouch for any of them: try Child Support Analysis and A Fairer CSA For All.