Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Supplement: Barry the mentalist, Rufus, Shannon Matthews and more

Recession aside, Britain under ZaNuLabour is a grim place to live, so here are some funnies to take your mind off the slide towards totalitarianism.

Barry gets us off to a flying start:

Click on the image to see the full thing. [story]

Veteran b3taer HappyToast takes a sideways glance at the special relationship between Bush and Blair: [story]

Follow the link to see the animation...

While Giant Squid toys with the P-word: [story]

A short video interlude now. Head over to YouTube and meet Rufus. He's a badass. (h/t b3ta)

You can always count on Anorak News to track the burning issues of our time, and today it's the latest in the Shannon Matthews saga. Wickedly entertaining, and a perfect excuse to reproduce Tattsyrup's marvellous Collector's Plate:

Click to see the full-size image. It's worth it.

It's amusing sometimes to browse the more esoteric titles in the magazine section of my local Borders bookshop, just to see the range of curious and geeky pursuits which are accommodated (nothing smutty: I'm talking Classic Tractor and the like). This, erm, 'specialist' publication, courtesy of Fresh Water Mole, looks like a sure-fire winner:

I'm a sucker for film gags too, and anything Kubrik-related is guaranteed to catch my eye -- especially when it's this good:

If you enjoyed that, then check out the Terry's Clockwork Orange from HappyToast too.

And if this masterpiece doesn't tickle your funny-bone, I don't know what will:

Cracking bit of image editing, Gromit!

And, finally: I cannot even begin to explain the appeal of Hot Chicks With Douchebags, a recent addition to my blogroll (a no-brainer). Just go and see it for yourself. Douchebag1 and his army of co-conspiritors have created a work-in-progress of purest infantile genius.

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