Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Supplement: Wabash double whammy

Wabash Cannonball has been covered by numerous country artists, and here are two of the very best. First off, the irrepressible Jerry Reed:

Yee-hah! And now for an instrumental version from one of the finest contemporary pickers, Doyle Dykes:

What a ravishing sound. (Okay, so it helps when you have your own signature kit from Taylor and Rivera...).

Not only a stunning musician, Doyle also happens to be a world-class dad: check him out in this double act with son Caleb, and supporting daughter Haley.

Perfect Sunday fare.


Anonymous said...

I came by way of your Blog from a post you made on the Hawaiian Libertarian web site. There is so much to read it hard to take it all in. Still I thought I would post just to say hallo.

Having read so much I don't think more words can change anything for me. The trouble is that still leaves the problem of finding a way forwards. Life is fairly short so the scope for experimentation is limited ( I am older than you).

The only thing I can be certain of is that what I have done in the past was wrong. I have abandoned it. But that does not mean I can make a better future. I fear that a person may find wisdom only when it is too late to be acted upon and make a difference.

Deadbeat Dad said...

Hey, anon. It's never too late to change, although it can be hard to see your way through to it. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is worth thinking about, and there are plenty of self-help groups out there. Not my bag really, but this kind of stuff does work for a lot of people.